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Can Turkey make you smarter?

It’s long been a tradition in the holidays to garnish table with the finest roasted bird that you can find. With that being said with can you your friends or your family actually be smarter by bringing in this delectable bird to your dinner table? As for whether or not the chemical compound breakdown can actually connect points from synopsis to synapses and create superhighways for your thoughts to flow freely and quickly I’m not entirely sure. But what I’d actually do know is that the very action of bringing in a main course specially a protein filled substance as a turkey will bring family closer friends into a more secure state an open up many opportunities to share your experiences and Thoughts with those around you so that you can relate and know each other more intimately. And on the plus side if Uncle Bob’s mouth is completely full with turkey he can’t say anything to offend anyone. This has been a very light-hearted article and which I feel has a deeper meaning behind it and that’s togetherness. I hope each and everyone of you have a safe and happy holidays… Now go eat some turkey!

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